Why you need a website to promote your holiday home, B&B or Guest House?


It’s cost effective.

Promoting your B&B or guesthouse via a Web Design Service, website is by far the most cost effective way of show casing your accommodation establishment, allowing it to stand out from the crowd by casting your prospect net far and wide.

It works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

In comparison to tradition media where paid advertising has a limited shelf life, your Guest House website continues to promote your accommodation business even while you are sleeping. Your website ensures all the necessary information is out there at the exact moment that a prospective patron is looking for your services.

It Lends Credibility

For many prospective visitors to your establishment, seeing that you have a website immediately creates a sense of credibility. A professionally designed guest house website or B&B website packed with all the information a prospective client needs is far more likely to generate a reservation than a simple telephone number in a directory online or offline. Furthermore stunning photography or a professionally made video can really show off your establishment. In the tourism space, pictures really are worth a thousand words allowing your accommodation establishment to stand head and shoulders above its competitors.



Interactive websites encouraging prospective clients to register their details, allowing them to download redeemable coupons, special offers, enter competitions etc can help build relationships with your prospective and existing patrons with the aim of generating repeat bookings.

Your guest knows exactly what to expect

Prospective guests often ring up asking many questions. Providing comprehensive information telephonically takes time and saps unnecessary energy. Simply getting their details then pointing them to your website frees up your valuable time to get on with life’s more important tasks, and guests will be able to glean all the information they could possibly ever need from your guest house website before they arrive, thus avoiding any disappointment.

Because your competitor has one

Your guesthouse might not have an online presence, but your competitor most certainly will. Without a website you may be inadvertently sending your competitors reservations that you could have had yourself, and best of all it needn’t cost an arm and a leg. Web Design Service’s Guest House Website and B&B Website packages start from only R 169/ month.