Are you looking to convert your precious memories preserved on old VHS tapes?

If so we can digitise your VHS tapes ensuring you future-proof your memories. We are able to transfer your memories to contemporary digital video files which can be accessed and viewed on your PC or laptop, your tablet, smart phone, or Smart TV.

Once digitised you are free to make multiple copies of your files and distribute them via e-mail, host them on a personal or corporate website or upload and share them via Youtube or Facebook.

It is important to realise that the window to digitise old recording media is closing as audio and video tapes degrade over time risking the loss of your memories.

If you are in central Witbank / eMalahleni and have multiple video tapes that you would like to convert, we can arrange to collect and deliver them to you when they have been converted.

Customers have the option of having their converted VHS files saved on:

  • Flash drives
  • Portable hard drives
  • Sent via e-mail or a file transfer service

We can also save your files on CD’s and DVD’s although we would advise against this due to media degradation and the fact that many modern PC’s, and notebooks no longer feature read/write drives as standard equipment.

Once digitized, for an additional charge, we are also able to edit your footage to clean up bloopers, incorporate it into a wedding video or even produce an elaborate person’s “Life’s Story” featuring graphics, animations voice over and music for a significant upcoming birthday.

Contact us today for your video digitisation needs.