Website Design Package R 99/month


R 99 / month Basic Web Design Package

Expand your business’ reach with a custom designed, editable website & hosting solution for only R 99 / month

The Website Basic offer:

3 page, custom designed, WEB 2.0, brochure website at only R 99.00 (Excl VAT) per month.

WEB STARTER offer includes:

  • 3 page custom designed brochure website which clients can then edit and expand themselves beyond 1 000 pages, easily adding pages, products, pictures, audio and video or leave as is
  • We set up your site for you and load the first 3 pages. You can then add unlimited pages yourself easily at no extra cost
  • Monthly website hosting
  • 1 X pop email address e.g.: yourname/orders/info@yourbusiness* (new registrations and transfers only – requires a new or existing domain name)
  • Webmail access to your e-mail from any internet PC anywhere in the world* (new registrations and transfers only)
  • Linux account to host this advanced website system
  • 2Gb disk space – enough for approx 150 – 200 pictures & up to 100 pages (A rate of 79c / Mb / month applies if and when this is exceeded)
  • 500 meg monthly traffic ( Enough for approx 2000 – 3000 visitors / month dependant on the size of your site – in the unlikely event that this is exceed, a rate of 7c / Mb / month will be charged)
  • Search engine submission informs the main search engines to index your website
  • 1X Google search report affording you an understanding of how people search for and find your top selling products and your competitors.
  • Free eMarketing e-book will teach you all you need to know about promoting your business online.
  • Complete site refresh after 36 months subject to re-signing
  • Free 40 page downloadable user manual will teach you to  eMarketing e-book will teach you all you need to know about promoting your business online.

What it will cost:

Fixed costs:

  • R 250.00 Deposit Required
  • R 99 / month covers: The design; monthly database rental & monthly website & e-mail hosting.
  • R 0.00*/ year if you use your existing domain or R 150 / year for a new address or R 185 / year for an international .com/.net/.org address.

NO additional set up charges apply! NO hidden costs.

Due to the relatively small invoice values, a debit order agreement will be entered into. See what our clients say about our web design service.

* Note that your site will require an active domain (web address). You could use an existing domain, a parked domain if you have one, or register a new address for only R 150.00 / year or R 185 / year for an international .com/.net/.org address. Domain transfers are required for existing and parked sites in order to qualify for the free email address above. Additional addresses are available at R 35 / month / address.

This offer includes the first 3 pages limited to 1 000 words and 5 pictures per page OR the upload of the first 35 products. Additional products and pages will be quoted and charged extra or you can upload them yourself for free after the training session.

Please note that in spite of the competitive price above, these ARE NOT entry level websites. These powerful web 2.0 systems are currently used by: Wall Street Journal, Sony, Ford, Samsung, CNN, General Electronic, (GE) and Nasa among others so you will be in good company.


Optional extras for your website:

  • Installation of a powerful web analytics program enabling you to generate reports on how your visitors search for and find your product, which pages they are most interested in, how long they spend on the site, their geographic location etc. This installation option costs R 15.00 extra / month.
  • Additional e-mail addresses available @ R 35 / address / month
  • Installation of a blogging engine with a dedicated menu system enabling you to blog about your business, products, or industry R 20 / month
  • Installation of a site search function R 270 – once off.
  • Integration of your site with social media networks, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc @ R 270.
  • Animated Flash banner which can be placed on all or only some pages promoting a special offer, product launch or highlighting a product or service @ R 550.00
  • Installation of a gallery for your extensive collection of pictures. This installation option costs R 10.00 extra / month.
  • Additional pages will be quoted and charged @ R 270 / page or you could add them yourself for free
  • Additional web development quoted and charged @ R 270 / hour
  • Monthly retainer up to 5 hours / month – R 1 000 / month
  • Professional 240 second High Definition 1920 x 1800p or 1280 x 720 HDTV YouTube video R 6 500 excludes travel, accommodation, helicopter/plane/ boat hire or special equipment
  • Shopping cart + skin + first 50 products R 8 500
  • Mass e-mail design and database implementation @ R 270 / hour
  • Wiki page for your business – R 750.00
  • Branding Package – R 1 250.00 includes Logo design, letterhead design and business card design
  • Facebook group @ R 150.00
  • Animations @ R 450 / hour
  • Google Ad word campaign setup – R 300 excluding campaign costs payable directly to Google
  • Competitions / survey / questionnaire setup & integration within your site @ R 270
  • Animated flash banner advertisements from R 550
  • Extra graphics @ R 350 / hour
  • Out of bundle work will be quoted and charged at our standard rate of R 270 / hour.
  • Business registration on Google Maps doubling your chances of being found on the web – R 250 Google will require a valid credit card to activate this service

Intermediate and business packages are also available.

Once installed, the site will allow the nominated person within your organization to quickly and easily effect changes, add pages, pictures, music, YouTube videos, tables or text without the need to retain a professional web developer.


This offer carries a 100% satisfaction guarantee and is totally risk free as no payment is due until you are able to browse to your website. Twelve month agreement, automatically renewable quarterly thereafter, 60 day notification of cancellation. If you stay with us for 36 months, we will reward your loyalty by giving you a complete site refresh subject to re-signing.

Due to the relatively small invoice values, a debit order agreement will be entered into.

NOTE: Client to supply material digitally i.e.: text(copy), logos, photographs, and where available, flash graphics / animations or video. This offer DOES NOT include generating content which should be supplied typed out in electronic format i.e. in a plain MS word document or typed e-mail. While we will assist clients with minor re-writes or minor typing at no charge, please be aware that extensive Data capture, typing out material, generating extra graphics etc will be charged at our standard rate of R 270 per hour, however we endeavor to assist clients where we can.

Malachite Digital, a 1-stop web design service provider, prides itself in creating slick, scalable websites tailored to every budget and in order to help South African small businesses, clubs, charities and non-profit organisations establish their first web presence, we have come up with a unique way to spread the payment for the most expensive element of any website i.e.: The design.