Website Design – High Performance Lead Generation Corporate Website

Malachite Digital’s Web Design Service specialises in deploying high performance lead generation websites.

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These websites require a higher level of engagement on the part of the webmaster / business owner than standard brochure websites but the results can be nothing short of spectacular if clients follow our advice.
In fact these sites can be more effective than employing an extra sales or marketing staff member generating valuable, HOT leads without the hassle of having to pay for medical aid, annual or sick leave.
In working closely with our clients, our objective is to achieve as close to a page 1 position on search results as possible. Additionally, this can be achieved without having to employ expensive, ongoing online advertising campaigns.
If you are a startup or a small business with big ambitions, this is the only route for you. 

These websites allow for a higher level of engagement on the part of the user as well as detailed product information which translates into higher conversion rates. Many website owners underestimate the considerable effort that is required to get a website to a point where it actually acts as a serious rain maker.

Our efforts focus on the following elements in order to turn a mediocre website into an automated hot lead generation superstar.


Unlike a brochure website, a lead generation website must not only be easy to navigate, the layout and menu structure must be intuitive, ensuring that the information the visitor seeks is one or at worst, two clicks away. We advise that the latest, detailed product information be published to the site and that this is complimented with visually appealing photographs or graphics.

Responsive, Mobile Friendly Design.

We ensure that your website performs reliably on contemporary smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices. This is especially important in South Africa where smartphone usage is soaring and Internet browsing using large screen mobile phones and tablets has become pervasive.

Writing Copy Or Text And Generating Content

Devising a solid content generation strategy is probably the most critical element in ensuring your website’s performance on organic search. Generating original, relevant, grammatically correct text is absolutely essential to ensure your site can be easily found. It is important to understand that websites have two audiences online. Firstly the search engines who’s algorithms analyse and dissect each word on your page to determine how to categorise your content and where and how it should rank on their results, and secondly your human audience. Whereas analytical search engines do well with text, we are visual beings, preferring a balance of text and suitable pictures and other visual elements. Although this is something that any Website owner can do themselves for free, for a nominal extra charge, we will research, write and publish grammatically correct text to your website.

Your Web Pages Are Investments

It is important at this juncture to point out that no intervention will yield immediate results, and that adding content tends to take slightly longer to translate into improved website performance on organic search, but the long term benefits far outweigh any short term successes.

Carefully crafted content should be seen as an investment as those pages will continue to attract visitors to your website for years to come with minimal additional effort or expense on your part, something not ordinarily possible without expensive, ongoing online advertising and SEO campaigns.

Because of the intensive nature of writing copy and generating original content, we recommend that business owners initially restrict the effort to their most profitable products or services and localise by focusing on specific geographical areas as this initially offers the best prospect of achieving that all important page one position.

Search Engine Optimisation Vs SEO Friendly

We ensure that we lay a solid foundation in terms of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for all our websites, ensuring they have the best chance of performing well on Google, Bing and Yahoo’s organic search. It is important to make a distinction between SEO Friendly which we deploy as a matter of course at no additional cost to our clients and SEO Performance, the latter requiring a much higher level of engagement on our side with a corresponding substantially increased cost.