E- Shopping Carts

Open up a world of sales opportunities with a fully functioning shopping cart & hosting for only R 189 / month

For a limited time only, we are offering the opportunity to have a 40 product, WEB 2.0,  FULL BLOWN E-SHOPPING CART website at only R 189.00 (Excl VAT) per month. Monthly hosting included.

This offer includes a powerful off-the-shelf product and offer a number of options. Please note that on this option, there are only limited opportunities to customise the design of the shopping cart look & feel. Typically only the background, colour theme, certain fonts, logo and headings can be customized.

Our SMART SHOPPING CART offer includes:

  • No Deposit or up-front payments
  • 1st payment only due 14 days after the 1st draft of your site is live and monthly thereafter
  • We upload the first 40 Products which <Company> can then expand beyond 1000 products itself or leave as it is
  • Monthly website hosting and monthly database rental
  • 1 X pop email address eg: yourname@yourCompany.co.za* (New registrations Only)
  • Webmail access from any internet PC anywhere in the world* (New registrations Only)
  • Linux account with 1 X mysql database
  • 100 Meg disk space – enough for approx 500 – 600 product pictures & 500 – 800 products (rate of 79c / Mb / month applies if this is exceeded)
  • Unlimited monthly traffic
  • Complete site refresh if you stay with us for 36 months
  • Installation of a site search function
  • We assist with the authoring of your About US page to optimize your search results
  • Search engine submission informs the main search engines to index your website
  • Up to 3 Google search reports affording you an understanding of how people search for your top selling products.
  • 30 minute telephone training session enabling the client to familiarize him/herself with the powerful backend which is so easy to learn that anyone with basic computer skills can manage
  • Free business registration on Google Maps doubles your chances of being found by customers
  • Installation of Google Analytics, a web analytics program enabling you to generate reports on how your visitors search for and find your product, which pages they are most interested in, how long they spend on the site, their geographic location etc.
  • Free 362 page eMarketing e-book will teach you all you need to know about promoting your business online

Shopping cart standard features include:

  • Highlight specials (between 5 to 10 products)
  • Allow customers to browse by product category, then select an individual products
  • Process selected products in a shopping basket i.e. add product 1 + product 2 = total etc
  • Promote the latest uploaded products (between 5 to 10 products)
  • Promote 4 random products every time a visitor clicks on a new page (every refresh)
  • Show user Product Ratings 1-5 stars:
  • Display Product Variations if required
  • Display full product Descriptions
  • Display “Add To Cart” Button
  • Display “More Details” Button
  • Display Cross Sales i.e.: Adds the ‘Users who bought this, also bought that’ item to the single products page.
  • Display “How Customer Found Us Survey” and adds the ‘How did you find out about us’ drop-down option at checkout.
  • Allows for limited customisation of the forms to be displayed in your checkout page. The checkout page is where you collect important user information that will show up in your purchase logs i.e. the buyers address, name and contact details.
  • Product prices are tax inclusive – during checkout the total price doesn’t increase but tax is shown as a line item.
  • Allows products to be turned on/off  by country territory and will display country currency enabling the site to process international payments.
  • Offers multiple payment gateway choices, i.e. process payments directly to your Absa/Standard Bank/FNB/Nedbank/Capitec/Netcash bank account (price excludes monthly payment gateway access fees), Paypal or off-line or EFT payment options.

We will:

  • Install & configure your new shopping cart
  • Create product categories
  • Load the first 40 product text (to be supplied by client)
  • Load and publish the first 40 product features (to be supplied by client)
  • Create 3 X advertisements for the front page (these will be permanent feature products)
  • Customise the look & feel within the allowable software parameters (limited design options).

What it will cost:

Fixed costs:

  1. R 189 / month covers: The design; Monthly database rental & monthly website & e-mail hosting.
  1. R 0.00*/ year if you use your existing domain or R 150 / year for a new .co.za address or domain transfer.

NO additional set up charges apply! NO hidden costs, No catches. What you see is what you get. Due to the relatively small invoice values, a debit order agreement will be entered into. Click here to see what our clients say about our service.

* Note that your site will require an active domain (web address). You could use an existing domain, a parked domain if you have one, or register a new .co.za address for only R 150.00 / year. Domain transfers are required for existing and parked sites in order to qualify for the free email address above.

This offer includes the upload and publishing of the first 50 products limited to 300 words and 1 picture per product. Additional products and pictures or pages will be quoted and charged extra or you can upload them yourself for free after the training session. Click here for full details

Extras / Options and Things to consider:

  • Prepare, & upload of new product information (edit graphics into .png file and source all text) – R 270 / hour or you can do this yourself for free with some training
  • Design of additional advertisements for the front page – The off the shelf system only allows 3 rotating advertisements to be active at any one time – You may want 3 sets of 3 each promoting seasonal products – R 270 / hour – Allow approx 1 hour per advertisement. The first 3 are included in our package.
  • Ongoing maintenance e.g. changing prices, or uploading specials R 270 / hour or 4 hours for R 1000.00 or you can do this yourself for free with some training
  • Client is responsible for paying the monthly access to your bank’s payment gateway (between R 800 – R 1500 / month depending who you bank with)
  • The above quoted rate excludes access to a secure server SSL – should you require this option, please budget for an additional R 235 / month
  • Client is responsible for paying the annual security certificate to Thwate or Verisign – should this option be required (approx R 1 550 / year).
  • Should you require a full customised template (skin), this will require the services of a coder/developer costing between R 450 – R 600 / hour and a completed, fully custom designed job can cost hundreds or a few thousand of dollars US. – Not necessary if we use the off-the shelf product.
  • Paypal or payment gateway integration (<Company> to supply bank payment gateway details) R 495.00 – once off. (required to accept and process payments on the website to be deposited into your South African bank account – Note however that the off the shelf option affords visitors the option of making off-line payments EFT, Cheque or cash, which will not incur the payment integration set up cost.)
  • “Show / Share This” – Social Bookmarks – Adds the ‘Share this link’ item to the single products page. R 250 once off.  (Facebook/Twitter/Youtube etc – social media link ups)
  • Display Facebook “Like” –  Adds the Facebook Like button on your single products page

Optional E-Shopping Cart Package Extras:

  • Installation of a Picture Gallery for your extensive collection of pictures. This installation option costs R 10.00 extra / month (Excl VAT).
  • Additional pages priced at R 250 / page – Once off, or you can add them yourself for free.
  • Additional e-mail addresses available at only R 35.00 / address per month.
  • Web development and work falling outside of this offer will be quoted and charged at a rate of R 270 / hour, unless agreed to otherwise.
  • Mass e-mail design and database implementation R 270 / hour
  • Monthly retainer up to 5 hours / month – R 1 000 / month
  • Wiki page for your business – R 750.00
  • Facebook group R 150.00
  • Wiki page for your business – R 750.00
  • Animations R 450 / hour
  • Competitions, Questionnaires & Survey service on your website – R 270 Set up
  • Logo development & corporate branding R 1 350
  • Database marketing – please enquire
  • Additional graphics & graphical design R 350 / hour

Once installed, the site will allow the nominated person within your organization to quickly and easily effect changes, add pages, pictures, tables or text without the need to retain a professional web developer.

Business starter packages are also available

For examples of some our work click on the links alongside, www.adrenalinhuntingsafaris.com, www.junglegymsforafrica.co.za , www.mrmscivils.co.za, www.reptileexpo.co.za , www.witbankgolfclub.co.za, are examples of sites which were initially set up by ourselves and have since been added to and updated by our clients.

This offer carries a 100% satisfaction guarantee and is totally risk free as no payment is due until you are able to browse to your website. In order to minimize the risk further, we only require a twelve month contract, automatically renewable quarterly thereafter with a 60 day notification of cancelation. If you stay with us for 36 months, we will reward your loyalty by giving you a complete site refresh subject to re-signing at the same rate. Due to the relatively small invoice values, a debit order agreement will be entered into.

Client to supply material digitally i.e.: text(copy), logos, photographs, and where available, flash graphics / animations or video.

Just think of all the enquiries you are missing out on, and at these prices you cannot do it cheaper yourself.

Malachite Digital, a 1-stop web design service provider, prides itself in creating slick, scalable websites tailored to every budget and in order to help South African businesses establish their first web presence, we have come up with a unique way to spread the payment for the most expensive element of any website i.e.: The design & instalation.

Should you wish to avail yourself of this promotional offer, please feel free to contact me or a member of our team to discuss your requirements and do not hesitate to call should you have any further queries or require any additional information. Click here for full details.