Why your business needs a website?


  • Information on your business and products are available 24/7.
  • Prospective customers have access to your products and services at their convenience.
  • Customers can interact with your business whenever they please.
  • E-commerce solutions open up a global marketplace.
  • You can quickly and easily update your site yourself at no extra cost

Malachite Digital’s, Web Design Service delivers professional, affordable digital products on time and within tight budgets.

Additional website options are priced individually, depending on the desired functionality of the site. Feel free to contact us for a quote or browse our standard options alongside.


“Actual confirmed sales 16 Aug 2010 – 7 Sept 2010, shows an increase of 132% to the same period last year…. The impact on this market by doing what we are doing with the site, has moved even my biggest critics and rivals to acknowledge that we are the leaders and have substantial repeat orders on my order book. Now that is awesome, as they are coming to me and not me begging them for work. I hope that this gives you some insight and satisfaction to what you are actually creating with this website in this industry.”
Graham Guy, G2 Industries

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Select your preferred business package below or see our Realty, Accommodation or Club and Charity website design options. All packages are feature rich and fully editable, enabling clients to add unlimited pages, products, pictures, audio and video.