Professional E-mail Accounts

Professional E-mail Accounts For Your Business
A professional e-mail address such as creates an immediate sense of trust and suggests that you are representing a serious business as opposed to using a g-mail account.
Where g-mail accounts are used in a business setting the perception could be created that the person is not serious, lacks credibility and because of the ease with which g-mail accounts are created, could even be a fly-by-night operation.
There is no excuse, in this day and age, that a businesses should not secure both a domain as well as corresponding e-mail addresses as these are relatively inexpensive to maintain and should form the backbone of a business’ communications infrastructure.
A Professional e-mail Address Builds Trust
It’s imperative to immediately foster a sense of trust when building a rapport with a client through personalised and meaningful communication. Often the first point of contact with a potential client is via e-mail. It is thus important that your e-mail address is representative of your business, and leaves no doubt in the mind of client with regards to who is being communicated with. Your From/Reply address is what your client sees. Your e-mail address should be found across all your marketing channels, including your business cards, website, pamphlets, social media channels, etc.
The following guidelines should be kept in mind when devising your e-mail address in order to create a positive impression of your business:
• Your domain and corresponding e-mail addresses should be descriptive so they can be easily recalled. Examples are for example,, etc.

• Create instant brand awareness as well social proof of your brand by using a descriptively appropriate domain and e-mail addresses.
• Establish Instant Credibility in the mind of the customer
• Using a professional business e-mail address establishes instant credibility and will make it harder for the recipient to ignore as it suggests that you mean business.
• Providing you play by the rules, i.e.:, not sending more than 90 e-mails per hour, spam filters will be much less likely to flag your mails as spam.
• You have complete control over who is able to use your e-mail addresses so can keep a tight reign on your security, adding and deleting e-mail accounts as your team expands and contracts.