Ms Outlook 2016

MS Outlook 2016 e-mail – Setting up your E-mails on Outlook 2016 or Office 365

Connecting your e-mail accounts to Outlook 2016 or Office 365

Although MS Outlook 2016 is pc based, Office 365 for business includes access to a cloud based or online version of MS Outlook.

Access to your mailbox is also available online via any device via Webmail.

To set up your MS Outlook, simply follow the instructions below and for our South African clients, you can download our comprehensive MS Outlook e-mail setup instructions and I-Phone instructions as these contain additional regional service provider settings that may be useful.

E-mail access anywhere, anytime

::: We’re getting things ready “You will have been sent your various e-mail account parameters. Please save your password as this is not saved and will have to be reset if you lose it.

Up to 5 e-mail accounts can be connected to Outlook on the web. Your office 365 connected accounts are typically used to receive e-mails that are not hosted within Office 365.

Step 1

Log into your MS Outlook 2016 account within Outlook 2016 or Office 365.


Step 2

Select File on the top left hand corner of your menu.


Step 3

Select the “+ Add Account” button in the drop down middle of the screen, then the first option – Account Settings. 

Type in (do not copy & paste ) your email address in full

Select “Advanced options“, then ensure that you tick “Let me set up my account manually” then press Connect


Step 4 

The following temporary screen will be displayed.

The “Choose Account Type” screen will display offering you various account types.

Select POP if you only intend accessing your e-mails only via your Pc or IMAP if you want to access your emails on multiple devices such as your pc, tablet and cell phone.


Step 5

Server Settings:
(Note that certain versions of Outlook don’t allow you to make server setting adjustments at this stage in the setup.
If this is the case, complete the account setup and then check your server settings by going to File > Info > Account Settings dropdown > Server Settings).

Incoming mail: add mail. before your domain name e.g.

Port 143 (or 110 for POP)

Encryption method: None

Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) is unticked

Outgoing mail: add smtp. before your domain name e.g. (if you experience sending problems then use the following settings depending on who your internet service provider is: 

SMTP Settings for South African internet service providers

Telkom South Africa: 

  • (ADSL)
  • (56k dial up)
  • or
  • for 8Ta

Internet Solutions: (ADSL) (56k dial up on IS)
MWEB (ADSL) (56k dial-up)
Other Please contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for the correct settings should they not be listed above.

Change Port to 587 (not 25)

Encryption method: None

Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) must be un-ticked. 

Step 6

Click Connect

Step 7

You will now be prompted to enter your email account password that was provided to you.
Please TYPE IN in the password and do not copy and paste as this almost always adds an extra space which is read as a character which will be rejected as an incorrect password by your server.


Step 8

Your setup is now complete!


If you are experiencing problems, please verify the following settings:


Troubleshooting guide for Outlook 2016 & Office 365

Step 9

This extended guide will assist you to repair errors in the setup of an email account in Office 365 and if you have recently updated your account, in Outlook 2016.


Step 10


Access your existing account settings

Launch MS Outlook 2016 and select File on the top left menu bar

Select Info then Account Settings and then click on “Account Settings

Step 11

Select your email account

Select the relevant account and click the “Repair” button within the Email tab.


Step 12


Select Advanced options and tick “Let me repair my account manually”. Note that this may take a while.


Step 13

Check your account settings

Ensure that the information is correct as below – replacing with your own name and domain

Account Type can be POP or IMAP
User Name is the full email address
Password is correct, or request a rest from your administrator
Server starts with mail. followed by the domain name
Port is 143 for IMAP or 110 for POP
Encryption method is none
Require logon using SPA is not ticked


Step 14 

Select Outgoing mail

Server starts with smtp. followed by the domain name
Port is 587
Encryption method is none
Require logon using SPA is not ticked
Tick My outgoing SMTP server requires authentication
Select Use same settings as my incoming mail server



Step 15


Click Repair

Test Account Settings
Allow the test to run until completion, then click Close.


Step 16


Complete Setup

Your account is now set up correctly, click Finish.

If you are still experincing problems, please contact our support on 013 656 3984 / 013 656 0738 or 084 840 8201 via cell or whatsup.