Office 365

Office 365 Mail – Setting up your E-mails on Office 365

Connecting your e-mail accounts to Office 365

Office 365 for business includes access to a cloud based or online version of MS Outlook.

Access to your mailbox is also available online via any device via Webmail.

To set up your MS Outlook, simply follow the instructions below and for our South African clients, you can download our comprehensive MS Outlook e-mail setup instructions and I-Phone instructions as these contain additional regional service provider settings that may be useful.

E-mail access anywhere, anytime

You will have been sent your various e-mail account parameters. Please save your password as this is not saved and will have to be reset if you lose it.

Up to 5 e-mail accounts can be connected to Outlook on the web. Your office 365 connected accounts are typically used to receive e-mails that are not hosted within Office 365.

Step 1

Log into your Outlook on the web account within Office 365.


Step 2

Select the Settings Icon (Cog) in the top right of your menu.


Step 3

On your left menu dropdown select the choose Mail > then Connected Accounts.

Then activate the add an account function by clicking on the + sign.


Step 4

In the pop up window, add the e-mail address and password which was provided to you by your account manager then select Ok. (Note that passwords are case sensitive.) If no popup window is visible, check to ensure that your browser is not blocking pop-up windows. If so deactivate this setting to allow pop-up’s.


Step 5

Office 365 will attempt to connect to your server with us for your e-mail parameters. Once successful a confirmation window will be displayed. If a connection has not been made the following window will display. Select Skip to manually add the account settings.


Step 6

Select the connection type as either POP or IMAP ( IMAP is recommended where a user intends to connect multiple devices simultaneously to one’s e-mail account such as a notebook computer and a cellphone/mobile device or tablet.) Select Ok.


Step 7

Complete the settings as depicted alongside ensuring that:

The User name is your full e-mail address

The incoming server is prefixed with mail e.g.

Select Ok.


Step 8

Your New account connection screen will now appear. Simply follow the instructions to send mails from this e-mail address. Select Ok.


Step 9

The Connected accounts screen will return with your new account with the Status column displaying the current status of the migration process. To display the latest information simply click the refresh button (circular arrows).


Step 10

Congratulations, your e-mail accounts have now been setup on Outlook 365 in the cloud and not on your local machine.